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One of our latest In house developments is our Intranet and Desktop Pop up Solution.

Our Web based Intranet allows our customer to have a fully-fledged Intranet solution run in the cloud or locally on your own network. You can extend the solution as a mobile app for iOS as well as Android or even add our unique Intouch@work – Desktop pop up system to the Intranet.

Our Intranet as a variety of features and we can extend any custom application or component for our customers.

In addition we can easily integrate our solution into any other exciting systems or applications.

Our Intranet has a very friendly and exciting user Interface with your brand and corporate colours integrated into it.

The Intranet has the following core features:
User Role Management
Direct Messaging
Group Messaging
Broadcasting of Content (Video, Images, Text, HTML)
Live News, Live Weather, Live Quiz
Dynamic Polls and Surveys
Employee Directory
Classifieds directory


Debmarine Intranet & Desktop Pop Up Messenger